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MadVox Live @ The Falcon. Photo Credit: Stephen Jablonsky

"What on earth is a music ensemble made up of a bassoonist, an oboist, a pianist, a singer, and a percussionist? Pleasure. That's what it is; Pleasure."

Uel Wade,


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We are thrilled to share with you that Madera Vox has commissioned composer and jazz pianist Sumi Tonooka to create a new piece for us, entitled "Barefoot" based on work by the Irish poet, Gabriel Rosenstock.

A reading of the work with the composer took place on August 27, 2014 at the Kingston (NY)  Festival of the Arts.


Barefoot (from Bliain an BhandeĢ/Year of the Goddess, 2007)

Tá an ghealach ina luí ar a droimGlan ar meisce
Coimeádann sí na héin ina ndúiseacht
I dteanga iasachta atá a ngiob geab

Sníonn abhainn airgeadúil in aghaidh na fána,
Iompraíonn scáil na sceiche gile léi,
Taoi amuigh ag siúl, ní foláir, cosnochta

The moon lies on her back
Mad Drunk
Keeping birds awake
They chat in a foreign tongue

A silvery river flows up the slope
Bearing with it the reflection of a fairy bush
You must be out walking, in Your bare feet.